The legendary Los Rockin Devil's band has existed for 50+ years, sprouting from the early days of the Mexican rock revolution. With its sharp and energetic rock tunes and ballads, it holds its title among the top rock favorites of their era, which includes the likes of Los Rebeldes del Rock, Los Freddy's, and Los Teen Tops, to say the least. The Los Rockin Devil's uncanny magnetic sound allowed for over a dozen different albums to be published and a spot in several movies, a feat not achieved by their musical colleagues.

This site includes a brief history of Mexican rock and the important role of Los Rockin Devil's during this irreversible rise of the Mexican counterculture. Also included is a list of almost every album produced from the 60's to early 80's, as well as some current albums, and their respective track lists and notes. Make sure you download Quicktime to hear and see all of the available music and movies. A brief synopsis of their movies as well as some video clips are presented in the filmography section, a must see for the audio-accustomed Los Rockin Devil's fan. Free downloads are available in our download section, comprised of music clips and pictures. If you would like to recieve the band's music, it can be done by simply making a donation to the site. Be certain to visit our LRD Store; here you can find out how to get your hands on original vinyl records, as well as books and magazines, and your donations go directly to the maintenance of the site.

Finally, to leave comments for the band or the webmaster, be certain to visit the Devil's Mailbox section. Don't hesitate to take the time to write an e-mail with additional Los Rockin Devil's history, suggestions or comments, disgusts or congrats. We can use your assistance to make the site better. Thanks and enjoy the music. Rocanrol!!!




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